Lacy’s Taff

Male - Taff was a small, almost all black import from Ireland. The harshest criticism I ever heard anyone say about Taff was "he's just a little too happy". Taff always had a big smile on his face. He was a sheep dog and tough cattle dog before I got him at the age of [...]

Imp Ben

Male - Ben was brought over from Scotland when he was 4 years old by Carol Campion and I purchased him a year and a half later. He knew so much more than I did about trialing! We were at the Bluegrass in Ranch and I gave him the wrong flank at the cross drive [...]

EyeSpy Celt

EyeSpy Celt was a special dog right from the start.  I purchased him when he was just turning a year old. He was shy and afraid of things in the house since he was raised as a kennel dog and didn't get much socialization.  It didn't take him long to realize how great it was [...]

B’Sweet Erly

Erly is one of the most outgoing Border Collies I've ever had.  He's a son of Carol Campion's Tam x Floss, is a natural driving dog and easy to work. He's thrown his wonderful temperament and biddability to his pups. Erly is a tri colored rough coat.  He was sold to a wonderful [...]

EyeSpy Doc

Doc (EyeSpy Celt x TBC Trip) is a black and white rough coat, a natural outrunner, fast and biddable, he throws those qualities to his pups and has become as great a breeding dog as his father. Doc has a wonderful temperament, loves everyone including kids and other dogs. Male, Black & White, [...]