Established in 1984, the EyeSpy breeding program is well known for breeding quality, intelligent Border Collies with stable temperaments.  While specifically bred for working ability, the EyeSpy dogs have gone on to be successful in many different venues, including herding, agility, flyball, frisbee, free style, etc,  many winning on the National level.  EyeSpy Border Collies follows the breeding protocol of The American Border Collie Association regarding health issues.  Whether you’re looking for work, sport or a great companion, EyeSpy will help put the right pup in the right home.

EyeSpy dogs are guaranteed for life. Ask about specifics when you call (860.608.4447) or email

Wingin’ It Goose Control

Wingin’ It has also moved and is providing goose control services in the Pacific North West.  Call for info or to get a free estimate to rid your property of nuisance geese that can cause health issues.  I service condos, office parks, golf courses, beaches, private and commercial property, anywhere there’s a goose problem. EyeSpy Border Collies provides geese management services with the use of specially trained Border Collies. I will put together a schedule to reduce the number of resident geese; the goal being to get to a maintenance level of control as soon as possible. Read more

Border Collies Protecting Parks from Goose Poop – Breaking Live Video 

There is a fowl menace lurking here at Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah.